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Turning a ho-hum birthday gift into a gift of deep joy and connection...

July 12, 2019 2 min read

Let me tell you a story about one of my clients early on in my floral career:

Lynnewanted to really bless her friend for her birthday, and she was hundreds of miles away. Lynne called us, and we found out her friend's favorite color, green, and that she loves art, and modern design. We immediately thought about a then-new flower called a 'Kermit Pom' or green button mum. Now it's used regularly, back then, not so much. So I went to work interviewing florists in California, to find one who could create a very special design featuring these spunky flowers.

A few florists said 'what's that flower?', others said, 'Oh we don't have those.' So finally, with the 6th phone call, I found a florist who said 'Oh yes! We can absolutely do this!'

So they delivered the flowers and within HOURS of her friend receiving them, Lynne called us so ecstatic because, while her friend received many flower arrangements for her birthday, this special design touched her heart deeply and she was so excited and even teary eyed. What an emotional memory!

This experience was not only amazing for Lynne, it was pivotal for me as a florist. I learned what a difference it makes to go the extra mile. It turns a flower gift from 'that's nice' to amazing. And so we've built our system for sending flowers out of state on this very experience. We vet the florists, interview them, and in most cities, we already have our vetted go-to florist who we know will bring a quality experience.

Our 'Secret Sauce' is that we help you match the style of the arrangement to the style of the person so that they see something of themselves in the arrangement, and the emotional impact of the gift creates a lasting emotional memory.

To hear from Karin about this magic of our process of matching the flowers to the person, check out this blog post/video.

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