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July 22, 2020 1 min read

Karin Crawford, owner of God's Garden Treasures, sat down with Teresa Porter, host of the Unplugged Series, to discuss how she learned to remove the noise in their lives and step into their greatness!  In the interview Karin chats about her personal and professional experiences, her connection to nature, and nurturing the personal and professional connections for herself and her floral concierge members.  

Have you heard the story of how Karin started God's Garden Treasures and how we are pivoting the business? Watch below as she candidly share my personal journey with Teresa Porter as one of 21 speakers in her Unplugged Series this summer.

Listen to Karin open up about her start in floral design, her artistic infusion of art and architecture into her floral arrangements and how connecting with nature helps her unplug from the noise of everyday life. 


If you enjoyed my interview and would love to hear the other speakers share their stories of connecting to the world in a meaningful way, how they transformed their lives, and how they unplug from societal norms, you can still sign up and have access to at least part of the series through the 15th. 

See Karin's interview: here

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