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February 12, 2017 2 min read

With the world craving more love, more acceptance and more appreciation, Valentine’s Day, and any day, becomes a great time to celebrate the romantic love you have, or to reach out to someone who is lonely, disenfranchised, angry or scared. Think of the difference in the world it can make to reach out and pay it forward to one person, who touches many others!

Flowers reflect our emotions and moods. People often start thinking, speaking or behaving differently when they see them - feeling appreciated, feeling loved, feeling special. Secretly arranging a flower delivery is part of the fun in sending flowers. Imagining the look of surprise when the person they love is receiving their gift, finding that special “flower request” for someone who wouldn't buy flowers for themselves, or continuing a romantic tradition, all play a part in the gratification of sending flowers. In addition, giving rejuvenates and blesses the heart of the giver. 

Just this week, we've had multiple clients call in to order flowers for a widow, a lonely single woman, or an unsung hero, just because they want to share appreciation and share a moment of happiness. Our clients inspire us!

Listen to the quiet voice inside, and while celebrating your own romance, reach out to someone who is in need. Take the time to think ahead, invite us to assist you in your planning - we’ve been working for weeks and months to support you with stunning, distinctive and gorgeous ways to say both ‘I love you - you’re mine - you’re special- I can’t live without you!!’ and 'I appreciate you - you're not forgotten.' 

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