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December 13, 2017 2 min read

Amy came and interviewed Karin and then wrote this lovely article about us! Here's an excerpt:

What is a concierge florist? It is the magic ingredient that makes God's Garden's Treasures so special. Owner Karin Crawford brings her love of art, architecture, and floral creation together to touch people's lives with spectacular floral designs that evoke emotions that last a lifetime. It is like having a personal floral assistant that allows the client to be the hero....

Not only does Karin have a knack for creative floral arrangements and design, but it is in her blood as well! Her grandfather was the first director of the University of Wisconsin arboretum in Madison and there is a lilac and crab apple garden that he developed that is named after him. Also, her father was a landscape architect and an architecture professor and founded the West Virginia botanical garden. You could say it's in her "roots." ;)

Karin loves the fact that flowers are an intersection between art and nature. They allow an expression of beauty and communicate emotions when words fail....

What is something most people don't know about the business?

The Floral Membership allows for a true white-glove service for clients who truly love flowers or who are in a highly relational business and often send flowers. Karin will get to know their style and personality and they will have the perks of a loyalty program on the front-end with customized rewards based on the client preferences. There is a retainer paid up front, which is extremely beneficial for business owners at the end of the year to pay for next year's flower budget and claim it on this year's taxes. There are various structures to the program and Karin can customize the amount, the services, the rewards, there is truly no limit to the creative collaboration she is willing to put forth.

[The team at God's Garden Treasures ] love flowers, they love people, and they see flowers as one way that people connect, share love and joy, show support, and bring delight into each other's lives....
We're so grateful for the time Amy took to get to know us and communicate about us so well! 
Read more at Amy's website, such as 

What drives her to do what she does? What motivates her?

What would your customers say they love most about your business?

What she loves most about the Ahwatukee neighborhood?


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