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Flower Focus: Pretty Peonies

May 03, 2010

Peonies are so beautiful, ruffly and popular as wedding flowers and for personal gifts. About every third or fourth bride I meet with either definitely wants or really likes peonies! Their soft texture gives them a delicate look, they really are quite the workhorse for weddings - they don't bruise like white roses and lilies do, and they don't easily drop petals, either. [gallery columns="5" orderby="title"] Peonies sometimes have a yellow center. If this is really not what you want, then talk with your florist and let them know - they may have to purchase extra stems in order to get the look you want. Peonies come from the growers in tight buds, and look like round pink, fuchsia or white golf balls, and your florist can let them open gently so that they are beautiful, soft and fragrant for your wedding or your gift. While they are more pricey than most other flowers, lily of the valley excluded, there are times of the year where they are in season - most of May, sometimes in April, sometimes in June. They open up rather large, and so their per-stem cost can be balanced by not needing as many of them. Peonies are great for bouquets, centerpieces and ceremony flowers. A great compliment flower for boutonnieres, or to tuck in between are ranunculus, which have the same round shape and are ruffly, too. Not being fragrant, they don't clash with the peonies and would be great for a corsage for someone with allergies.

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