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Flowers Shipped in a Box. Really.

January 29, 2010 1 Comment

Saw a link to a website where your wedding flowers get shipped in a box! Would you really want that in order to save money? What if they arrive wilted?

Here's the link:
And others have had the experience of ordering flowers online, expecting them to be hand-delivered, only to find out from the recipient that they came in a box, possibly even left on the doorstep.
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Cindy Clemens 
Cindy Clemens 
I have had flowers delivered by a driver and from the mail in a box. The ones on the box have died within 2-3 days and the ones from the driver live weeks some times. I have had this with the type that are plants you can re-plant in the ground and if they are delivered in a box they die, no matter how much you love them.
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My reply back:
God's Garden Treasures
Thank you for sharing your experience, Cindy! Hand-delivery is the way to go. One way to avoid receiving box-delivered gifts is to give your family our information with a request to go through us in the future. But do this away from any holiday where they might send you something, so it's not seen as a sly request.
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Here are some tips of what to watch for when shopping online:
1. if the website offers a free vase, that should raise some questions, because if there is an option without a vase, it most likely isn't going to be hand-delivered.
2. call a local florist -  call or order from us and we'll ensure it gets to a local florist, or use - all the florists listed in their search engine are local!
3. look at the 'about us' page and find their local address - if you don't see one, it's probably not local to that area.

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March 01, 2017

Quite intriguing topic, thank you for putting up.

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