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November 07, 2016 2 min read

You are heading into the holidays, and are so grateful for the companies who made the year possible. You want to send them something, and don't want to get lost in the crowd. Instead of defaulting to what you've done before, picture this:

Your favorite, top clients, walking up to the reception area, and upon seeing your gift, exclaiming 'Wow! This is very cool! Who sent it?!" Then, opening the card, they are gushing about your business and how much they like doing business with you. Your name is heard over and over in their office that day, and for the days ahead as others exclaim about the gift as they experience it.

The next time they are wanting what you offer, they immediately think of you because they felt so appreciated and remember your gift so vividly. How do you evoke this for in your client relationships?

Make a creative selection that is different from other companies!


  1. Keep in mind your brand and bring in your colors, logo, style and feel. For example, a 'Branded Floral Arrangement' that is inspired by your logo and colors

  2. Customize your gift to each client - what do you know about them and their interests? In order to be efficient, order the same arrangement, plant or wreath for all clients, and ask your floristto switch up the embellishments to reflect them. You could print off their logo and ask that it be incorporated into the arrangement.

  3. Make yourself part of the conversation, giving a gift that positions itself naturally where most of the people in the office will see it, and even clients. For example a holiday wreath on the door. Who doesn't love the pine scent this time of year?

  4. Beat the crowd - send a creative Thanksgiving arrangement or early December gift that they will take home with them, talking about you at their holiday celebrations. This also gets you a jump on the gift-giving season.

  5. Reflect the town or community that you or they serve. Shop local and reflect local. For example, a creative, one-of-a-kind gift basket, plant, or floral arrangement that reflects Phoenix, Tempe, Glendale or your city.

  6. Reflect something about your property that you want your clients to remember about you.

  7. Find out when their holiday party is and sending something just before or right to the party.

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