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Welcome, Romance Floral Member! Stage 1 - Get Connected

Welcome to our Romance Floral Membership Members-Only Blog!

In our Romance Floral Membership, you will find all you need to be the most romantic lover, and best flower giver to your significant other!

This Romance Flower Blog is private, for Romance Floral Members only. This page will always be here, so feel free to bookmark it. And ask questions - we're happy to update this and add more information any time!

Stage 1 - Get Connected

Congrats! You took the biggest step - you're in! In this stage we'll get you all set up with your Romance Floral Membership so we know all about how you want to use your membership, what occasions are important to you, and know how best to communicate with you. We'll also send a few romance tips from some amazing people from time to time.

In the first few days after joining, we want to make sure that you're all connected with the technology of the membership:

  • Romance Floral Membership email list - so you can receive your monthly and personalized Membership updates, and for Romance tips
  • Your personal online Membership account where all the payment information is.
  • Your Membership spreadsheet to track your orders, one place to see all floral deliveries placed over the phone, email or on the website.

And you'll schedule a time for a short call, both to confirm all the above and also to find out more details about you and your significant other and how you want to use the membership.

Let's get started! 

Please work down through each of the blocks below, one by one. 

The green blocks are action steps.

The pink blocks are informational. 

Once you are finished, we'll have the call you scheduled and we'll be able to get to know you even better! 

And then, it's flower time!

Here's the link to the overall process of making this Romantic journey.

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