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Desert Dreams

The Story:

Desert Dreams ~ When the desert turns dreamy and subtle, our hearts melt for the corals, peaches and teals. A fashion-forward, trending palette, we've paired luscious soft textures with angular and textured accents for a delightful contrast inspired by our Arizona surroundings.

This design is really more of a Designer's Choice design in this color palette: blue skies, corals, rustic textures all collaborate to bring joy, delight and inspiration. This Collection was inspired by the teal and coral fashion trend, in our nuanced interpretation. Read more/watch the story behind this collection here

The Impact:

  • Flattering - Simpler Designer's choice version - no white protea, and we will use the gorgeous flowers and accents in this palette as we can find them from week to week.
  • Pampering - More robust Designer's Choice -A bit simpler than shown, can include the white protea, or can include a teal hand-blown glass vase - see images in blog link above. We can also substitute calla lilies for the roses, filling to budget.
  • Luxurious - Including the white protea and other premium blooms, including calla lilies or orchids, a nd can include a teal hand-blown glass vase.