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Textured Teal and Coral Roses

The Story:


Follow fashion or Interior Design? Then you're seeing teals and corals this year. We're embracing the trend with a few new designs. Catch our blog post here for more inspiration.

From an energetic mix of bold tones across the color wheel from each other, to the softer versions that are warm and welcoming, we have specialty vases, and florals in this color palette in a fun collection this fall.

This design features a clear vase with a coppery leaf wrap, accenting the softness of the peachy-coal roses. Nestled into the vibrant coral foliage are teal succulents and thistle. An impressive mix that evokes the beautiful Arizona desert.

The Impact:

  • Flattering - as shown
  • Pampering - either add more florals for more lushness, OR add a teal hand-blown glass vase 
  • Luxurious - upgrade with BOTH more florals OR sub premium flowers like peonies, AND a teal hand-blown glass vase