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Asian Spring

Asian Spring

 Does she love art and artistic design? Enamored of all things Asian? Enjoy Ikebana? Or maybe loves to enjoy the creative work of other artists?

Our Asian Spring floral designs would be perfect - breathtakingly and skillfully designed using the design principles of negative space, balance, focal point and movement. We feature the best distinctive spring blooms available, paired with blooming branches or curly willow, sometime tropical leaves for contrast. Typically in low containers and featuring medium to tall heights (16-36"). 

The Impact:

  • Flattering: A simpler design and exquisitely executed with artistic style, featuring spring blooms
  • Pampering: Wonderfully creative design featuring spring blooms, and at least a few (or more) of our premium flowers (Peonies, Lilacs, Bleeding Heart, Clematis, possibly Bearded Iris) with blooming branches
    • Luxurious: An incredible mixture featuring ultiple premium blooms groupings, OR let us know your favorites and we'll double up on your for a simply stunning design!
    • A Little Flower Hug: Artistic designs of fewer flowers - may be all one variety of  flower.


      Brighter collection or more pastels - let us know their favorite in the notes