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Door Opener - Custom Design Created for you

The Story:

So you're working on getting an appointment with a potential client. Want to get your foot in the door? Would it make sense to invest in a striking, distinctive gift that will open the door to a potential client that will bring returns for the long-term? You bet! We're here to bring our creativity to work to make your relationships that much more fun and profitable!

The Impact:

Please order 48-72 hours ahead. We can arrange to pick up your branded items for an additional fee. Additional price points available, especially when creating multiples.

PLEASE NOTE: we do NOT have the birdhouse available - this was a client's promotional product. We will create a semi-custom or custom design based on your recipient's logo or your logo. If you have a branded promotional product that we can use a vessel - think mug, water bottle, etc - we can design into it. Other kinds of promotional products can be incorporated into the flowers. This branded design came about because I was helping Kimber Lambeth with Cox Media open the door with a marketing/branding company who had a client interested in advertising on HGTV... click here to read the rest of the story