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Surprise and Delight!

Surprise and Delight

The Story:

Quick, easy, beautiful and striking! Or can't decide - they're all so beautiful! Let our designer's expertise surprise and delight you!
Take advantage of our carefully curated seasonal flower collections. - we always have a 'few extra' lush garden style and sculptural designs ready and waiting for last minute orders. With this selection, you can be guaranteed to get your flowers out on the next delivery run! 
At Valentine's, this is your best option when you want to stand out with spring flowers and are open whether roses are included or not.
And please let us know any clues to their preferences - style, personality, favorites - so that we can make sure they feel special. (Or we will reach out to you once we receive the order to confirm.) 

The Impact:

Looking for something with more wow factor? We offer ahigher end Best Flowers of the Season here 

If Roses are a must in the design, please order our Surprise and Delight Rose arrangement here