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Protea Paradise

The Story

Stunning, long-lasting, and visually engaging, perfectly communicating your congratulations or support. Pincushion Protea pair beautifully with deep purple seasonal flowers. Perfect for a desk, coffee table or registration table. 

The Impact:

  • Flattering (Shown) - Three Pincushion Protea - 14-16" tall by 8-10" wide
  • Pampering - Three Pincushion Protea with additional seasonal focal flowers - 14-16" tall by 10-12" wide (or 5 Pincushion Protea with minimal accent flowers)
  • Luxurious (Not Shown Yet) - Five to Seven Pincushion Protea with accent or focal flowers to budget - 18-20" tall by 12-16" wide

Alternative Colors: (optional -tell us in order notes or call us)

  • For Immediate Purchase: 
    • Freedom of Expression: Let our talented Design team create this same style in today's curated blossoms
    • Ask for the design to be created with 'Pink Mink' Protea for a softer, more feminine feel
  • Let your inner designer be free - select your own color palette - please pre-order 48 hours ahead to guarantee availability:
    • Retro Vibe: Orange Protea and Hot Pink blossoms
    • Fresh Citrus: Yellows and Oranges
    • Fire: Oranges and Reds
    • Soothing: White-on-White (White Pincushions are a rare variation - be prepared for a 2-3 week wait to special order)


  • Pincushion Protea are available all year round, predominantly from Southern California, and some from Hawaii or other tropics. 
  • Different seasons of the year favor different colors and effect the shapes of the heads.