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Peonies and Lilacs

Oh, the nostalgia of lilacs and peonies, the fragrance, the lush feel and gorgeous blooms!

We have both peonies AND lilacs coming in for Mother's Day, and why not combine them for the heart and fragrance impact. 

Members-only: If there is a specific request for a type of flower or style of design, please tell us in the notes - we'll follow up by phone with you (or email if you're not available) to ensure we have it right.

The Impact:

  • Flattering: As shown in the compact version - same flowers can be in a taller vase
  • Pampering: As shown in the taller version, with tulips or other spring flowers - same flowers can be in a lower vase and more compact style
    • Luxurious: A Larger, Wow-factor design with both peonies and lilacs
    • A Little Flower Hug: Simpler design, either one stem each of peony and lilacs with greenery and a few accents, OR 2-3 stems peonies OR 2-3 stems lilacs