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Peonies Gone Wild

The Story:

Experience the romance of a wild Tuscan Garden filled with soft, feminine textures and intoxicating fragrance! Created in our bronze ‘Essence’ vase, with locally-sourced olive branches and other soft-textured foliages, featuring peonies when in season [or David Austin Garden Roses or other soft textured garden roses], and additional pink and white flowers.
When Peonies aren't available, these are our go-to's for you! She will love them just the same!

The Impact:

When selecting Pampering or Luxurious, let us know if you would like more peonies (and not too much larger arrangement, since they’re typically $15-$20 per flower), or would like an upgrade in the size of the arrangement with more medium-priced blooms.

You may also ask for the same design in a brighter color palette, with yellows and oranges, or including rich burgundy/plum tones.
Here is an image of the garden roses we can sub in when peonies are out of season:

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