Spring Specialty Tulips

The Story:

We are so thoroughly enjoying the specialty tulips arriving weekly and want to share them with you! Two variations are featured here in a cross vase to celebrate and a life of Faith all spring. Or the tulips can be delivered in a clear vase with a leaf wrap to celebrate spring without the faith reference - perfect for a business setting or a personal gift! And you can pick the color palette when we confirm your order by phone!

The Impact:

Specialty tulips include fluted lily tulips, textured parrot tulips, fringed tulips and double tulips. Each week is a surprise to us - the growers send what is blooming best each week! Feel Free to let us know your preferences for color and style, or we can select the varities that are freshest and coordinate best together for you, as your Floral Concierge.
The Pampering Selection, as shown, features 15 stems of specialty tulips with creative natural accents.
The Luxurious Selection features 25 stems, and is larger and fuller all around, or we can also mix in hyacinth, ranunculus and other specialty spring blooms.
The Flattering selection featuring 10 stems of specialty tulips is designed in a clear vase with accents.
Pampering and Luxurious designs are also available in a clear vase with a leaf wrap.