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The Mystery of Love

Reflect her feminine side for a deep emotional connection and a memory that lasts for months, even years. This special design features stunning roses in shades of Pinks, nestled in silky soft Dusty Miller and for Valentine's, we were also able to secure even paler pink roses to contrast with the vibrant red! And in the Pampering and Luxurious selections, our signature 'Red Hearts' Roses are included.


The Impact: Please note the shades of pinks may vary from week to week. For Valentine's Day, we are creating this design with a variety of gorgeous pale pink roses and garden spray roses in shades of pink.

Flattering - Featuring 1 dozen Pink Mondial Roses, or in shades of pinks, nestled in a soft bed of silver Dusty Miller foliage  (you can state preferences in the notes as you check out)

Pampering - Featuring 12- 16 roses, comprised of Garden Roses in pinks (and can add reds) - # of roses dependent on Garden Rose Availability and pricing during the season

Luxurious - Add to the Pampering Arrangement more Roses, Garden Roses and/or Fragrant Lilies, or her favorite flower. (let us know in the notes on the screen where you select the date) - not shown - opportunity to use your imagination and trust our award-winning designers!

The Colorways: Alternately to Pink roses, we can also mix other color roses with the red Hearts Roses, for example Deep Lavender Blueberry Roses, OR White Roses and Spray Roses OR Sunset--colored Free Spirit Roses OR Peach Spray Roses