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Fragrant Hyacinth Flowers

The Story:

Intoxicating fragrance envelopes your senses and captures the heart! Exquisitely detailed floral design with attention to detail, delightful to a modern, artistic aesthetic. Long-lasting affection beautifully reflected in long-lasting hyacinth blossoms.

We are currently having challenges bringing hyacinth in on a regular basis. We can create the same design with other flowers. We will let you know once you order what the options are for you!

The Impact

  • Flattering (shown) - Charmingly delightful petite presentation, featuring Hyacinth, 'Green Trix' Dianthus and Dusty Miller, about 8" wide by 10" high.
  • Pampering (not yet shown) - Upgraded stunning design of Hyacinth, 'Green Trix' Dianthus (or Mini-Green Hydrangea) and Dusty Miller presented in a wider, shallower clear glass rectangle. 12" wide by 10-12" high.
  • Luxurious - (not yet shown) - Lavish design, artistically designed in a taller, wider clear glass rectangle, featuring Hyacinth, Mini-green Hydrangea, Dusty Miller and additional seasonally available premium blooms such as cymbidium orchids, callas or green cabbage roses. 14" wide x 12'-15" high

Alternative Colors: (optional -tell us in order notes or call us)

  • For Immediate Purchase: 
    • Freedom of Expression: Let our talented Design team create this style in today's curated blossoms
    • Substitute Purple Stock for the Hyacinth
  • Let your inner designer be free - select your own color palette - please pre-order 48 hours ahead to guarantee availability:
    • Soothing: White and Green
    • Feminine Glam: Shades of Pinks (or all one shade)
    • Pastel Painter's Palette: A mix of fresh pink, lavenders, and ivories


  • Hyacinth, a wonderful, long-lasting bulb flower, are now grown year-round, coming primarily from Holland and California.
  • In Spring, the most color variation is readily available. For specific colors at other times of the year, please order 1-2 weeks ahead.