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Flowers for a Garden Party

The Story:

Who doesn't love meandering through an English Country Garden, or setting a delightful table underneath green boughs, surrounding by vibrant blossoms in a richly tended landscape? Evoke the blessing of a lovingly curated garden and throw a party for your special someone!

The Impact:

  • Flattering (not shown yet) - Simpler blooms, and a petite low green tray - 8-10" wide by 8-10" tal
  • Pampering (shown in pastel) - 14-16" wide by 10" tall - artistically designed in white ceramic tray
  • Luxurious (shown in vibrant tones) - Artistically designedin white ceramic tray, fuller, taller,with Premium blooms 14-16" wide by 12-14" tall

Alternative Colors:

  • For Immediate Purchase: 
    • Bright or Pastel at any budget
    • Freedom of Expression: Let our talented Design team create this style in today's curated blossoms at any budget
  • Let your inner designer be free - select your own color palette - please pre-order 48 hours ahead to guarantee availability:
    • Soothing: White-on-White
    • Naturalist: Basil and Ivory
    • Feminine Glam: Shades of Pinks
    • Retro Vibe: Hot Pink and Orange
    • Fresh Citrus: Yellows and Oranges
    • Pastel Painter's Palette: A mix of fresh pink, lavenders, and ivories
    • Masculine: Blues and Purples


Each season brings a different note to the garden - we curate the best of the season, and substitute as necessary (tulips, or example, are not as available in July and August) to create a beautiful design.