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Blooming Plant Garden

Blooming Plant Garden

The Story:

Planning a special gift for someone with a green thumb? Or who loves creating a healthy environment for themselves? A Dish Garden of green and blooming plants is a perfect choice! Always in style! With proper care, they are a long-lasting gift, and they bring delight and joy for months or even years. Pamper them with this amazing, lush plant garden, creatively styled in a robust white ceramic container.

The Impact:

Pampering Selection: Shown here with a blooming anthurium plant, this dish garden is about 12-14" wide depending on how the foliage wisps out from the 10"x4" circular white ceramic container. The anthurium can be switched out for a kalanchoe, begonia, or other seasonal blooming plant - many colors available. And if you would like to stay at this price point with more colorful plants and fewer green plants, we can make that switch also.
Luxurious Selection: Upgrade and add more blooming plants for a luxurious gift! Flattering: Send a similar look in a smaller white ceramic container for a small office environment or a smaller home. Container Options: The same container in a rich, deep green is also available - very soothing!