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Custom Peony Floral Bouquet - Choose your design

Stunning peonies are trending favorites - soft, feminine, fragrant lusciousness! Our designers will create either a low, clustered design, or use the natural stem height for a taller arrangement. We can pair them with hydrangeas and other seasonal blooms or favorite flowers. Please leave us a note as you place your order with any specific requests.
Selection notes:
  • Typically peonies are created in a Lush Garden Style design - delivered in a vase with plenty of water source, and some supporting foliages or supportive flowers like hydrangea.
  • We can take special requests for design and even create some of our Sculptural designs with peonies!
  • Year-round, Peonies are typically $20 per bloom. There are times of the year when they're in season where they are $12-$15 per bloom, and then the numbers below go up in each Impact selection.
  • Flattering Selection includes at least 3-5 peonies in a mixed flower bouquet, and can be 7 peonies on their own with supporting foliage.
  • Pampering Selection includes at least 7-9 peonies i n a mixed flower bouquet, and can be 12 peonies on their own with supporting foliage.
  • Luxurious Selection includes at least 10-14 peonies in a mixed flower bouquet, and can be 20 peonies on their own with supporting foliage.
Elusive because they are hyper-seasonal - coming from California, or Oregon some months, or Holland, or Chile, or New Zealand, and with significant gaps in between seasons. When there's a gap we can substitute David Austin Garden Roses.
And as a high-end bloom, their market prices fluctuate drastically, from $15-$30 per stem. If you'd like notifications when we have them, please click here to sign up!
If you would like something customized to your specific budget or request call us at 480-603-7673
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