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Grace & Majesty

The Story:

Celebrating a life of Faith, sharing hope, and bringing comfort or love... Grace & Majesty brings messages of faith and hope in a variety of settings. The crystal cross is nestled in Lavender roses, lilies and lush garden flowers.

The Impact:

The cross itself is 8" tall, and so the whole design is 14"-16" tall as shown, with the back displaying mostly foliage with a few smaller flowers.

Memorial Services:

For a memorial service in a large setting, this will be more appropriate at the guest book table or photo table. Upgrading to Pampering or Luxurious can allow more height in the design, so it is more appropriate to sit on a pedestal at the front of a service.

At the Luxurious price point, we can also create this design in two containers so that an urn can sit in the center with flowers in the front and on the sides.

As shown, it is created more one-sided, .

For delivery to the home, or for a personal gift or other happy occasion:

In a home setting, or for an office, the size is perfect for a small coffee table or small-medium sized desk. You are welcome to ask us to adjust the design to be more all around, moving some of the flowers around the back for a slightly different look from the front, or upgrade to Pampering or Luxurious for a full, all around look.

And all options can also be created with our angel or Jesus statue instead of the cross, or without the cross, more flowers can be added in.

Additional color palettes also available: all white, pink and white, blue and white, yellow/red/orange.

Please make a note in your order about any design preferences, and we will call you once we receive it to confirm.