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Claim your Gift of $15 off your first floral order from God's Garden Treasures and receive professional support for creating a lasting memory!
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God’s Garden Treasures is a Floral Membership Service with valley-wide delivery.

  • Express appreciation and make others feel valued for who they are with distinctive and creative floral design.
  • Communicate love and make the love of your life feel amazing.
  • Or nurture your business relationships and increase your bottom line.

When you send flowers through God's Garden Treasures, You communicate you go above and beyond in everything you do with the quality of design, distinctive flowers and impeccable service.

We want to offer you $15 as an incentive to try us out. In order to receive your gift,
  • 1st, sign up for our emails here,
  • and 2nd, click the link in the confirmation email that will come to you shortly.
A link/code will be sent to you right away!
We have three different email lists - select one, two or all three - we send out 1-5 or 6 per month at most.
As your Floral Concierge, we love it when we can get to know you and have a chance to talk to you now and then. We'd also like to be able to reach out to you to make sure you get your gift.
Stay in touch and in the know - share your Email with us - use the link at the top of the page above the pink bar to get your gift! Simple fill out the form and follow the 4-step process to confirm your email, and your gift will be emailed to you.

We're excited to serve you with distinctive luxury flowers artistically designed, and with a high level of care, so you can be thrilled with both your experience and the response you receive!