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God's Garden Treasures is for YOU

How do you know what florist is right for you?

The closest florist isn't necessarily the best - with delivery options, and online and phone ordering, your choices about where to buy flowers have expanded exponentially. Make your selection based on who is the client they serve best and what your needs are. Here are a few descriptors that reflect the quality and goals of our best clients - we're your florist if any of the following apply:

There is a disconnect between your brand and the level of quality and attention to detail of your current source for flowers.

  • For example, would a team member of a professional sports team give a flower gift purchased from a grocery store? Probably not. They would want the quality of the gift to reflect the quality of their brand, which is also consistent with asking the players to wear suits for interviews, etc. 

  • A fun, quirky brand would want fun, quirky flowers to stay consistent.

You love giving love and appreciation

  • Your primary love language is gift-giving. [If you haven't figured out your primary love language, check out Discovering your 5 Love Languages ]

  • When you want to bring about an intimate connection in your romantic relationship

You work in artistic field, or have an artistic eye.

  • If you are designer or in the design field.

  • If you love art.

You want a creative way to bring joy and stay visible of your current and past clients (referral sources)

  • You are trying to get ‘in the door’ with a potential client 

  • You want your clients to think of you as a creative person who appreciates quality.

  • You are a busy professional who enjoys trusting other professionals to make your life easier.

When you are romancing your significant other - or someone you hope to be in the near future!

  • You might be nervous about giving the right flowers at first, and want the help of a professional.

  • When you want to surprise them at work with an amazing Floral Experience to communicate a special message or just because.

  • When you want to make your proposal fragrant and beautiful.

  • You have a vision for how to bless him or her, and want someone else to make it happen for you.

  • You want us to get to know you so all you have to do is reach out and we'll quickly 'get it' and know how to easily exceed your expectations.

When you have a relationship to mend.

  • When you’re in trouble with your significant other

  • When you have troubled waters to smooth over with a client

  • to ease relationships with things go sideways

You want to stand out in the crowd - you want to be remembered.

You order flowers for someone who lives in another city, state or country.

You want to create lasting memories.

You want to show a loved one you’re thinking of them before their big day.

You just want to give flowers and not have to think hard about making decisions.

You really enjoy a high level of customer service

  • You love being pampered
  • You love it when someone where you're shopping remembers your preferences, and keeps information on hand about you so they can serve you better.
  • You appreciate having someone get to know you so that you don’t have to stay in the details.

When you want spectacular wedding flowers that communicate timeless elegance to be remembered throughout the years.

  • When you want wedding flowers that stand out from everyone else.
  • You want to have the creative vision for your wedding and then want to show up at your wedding and see it flawlessly executed, with hands-on support through the process.

You love stunning, artistic event flowers that support the theme, mood and goals of the event.

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We're excited to serve you with distinctive luxury flowers artistically designed, and with a high level of care, so you can be thrilled with both your experience and the response you receive!