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Express Love and Appreciation through Flowers

When you send flowers, you want to communicate the emotion of love or appreciation. It can be overwhelming because you want to be sure you’re expressing the right message.

We fill in the details, for when you don’t know what to say, or how to communicate.

We make sending flowers easy through our attention to detail and the ability to connect the right flowers to the right person.

Our “why’ is to make an impact in the world by creating floral experiences, so our customers can enrich friendships, romantic partnerships, and business relationships.

Tulips for encouragement and cheerful flowers


Say 'Goodbye' to the Old-School Florist Model

When we say ‘florist’ your mind probably brings up an image of retail space with people coming in and out and flowers going in and out. This model has been dwindling ineffectiveness since many people shopping for flowers in a retail settingpick up flowers in bunches conveniently at the grocery store. And online 'mass-market' florist companies promise a great deal and often under-deliver with little customer service.

Some people think: ‘how many flowers do I get in an arrangement?’ These days you can pick up flowers at most retail outlets, and get a large number of flowers on a budget. Or you can order online for a similar result.

What a professional florist brings is knowledge of flowers and the artistic skill to help you make the appropriate selection to make them feel special and communicate the message you intend. We ask - 'what is the impact you're looking for?' as well as questions that lead the flowers to really fit the personality of the person. 


We have always been all about connecting with and serving our customer and their treasured relationships. We have grown in artistic expression, participating in the Phoenix Art Museum's Arts and Flowers exhibit 9 of the 11 years and winning an award one of those years.





We have evolved into a floral service that is dedicated to helping business owners and Business Development professionals, flower lovers, and Romantics nurture their most treasured relationships. We serve businesses who value nurturing relationships, so you can stand out, make a lasting impression, and show you’re willing to go above and beyond to make your clients [and team members] feel valued.

For our business clients:

Our goal is to bring growth to your bottom line by making sure there is a floral memory that lasts long after the flowers are gone, and gives your client something to talk about. You communicate you go above and beyond in everything you do with the quality of design, distinctive flowers and impeccable service.

You can also make a lasting impression for you through the emotional memory of the special gift. Also, you have options for a container that is more of a work of art that goes with the client’s decor and where they want to display it, or is branded with your logo and/or brand message, and every time they think of you.

For Flower Lovers who give flowers personally:

We love helping you show how much you care, and letting the flowers speak when words fail. You can enhance your interior design with beautiful fresh flowers. We help you give an original creative flower arrangement they’ve never seen before, so that there's a floral experience for them that creates a memory. You can enjoy the luxury of carefully curated floral varieties, and gain peace of mind with a professional florist who remembers your special occasions.

For Romantics:

Experience a service beyond flowers that helps you spread the love.  G ain peace of mind with a professional florist who remembers your special occasions with our reminder service. Create lasting memories that deepen her/his love for you.  Make your love life your kind of beautiful!

We are pivoting to a Membership-based model. 

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