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Luxury Flowers & Delivery

The phrase 'luxury flowers' conjures up exotic flowers, highly skilled design, rare flowers, or flowers that are sought after and highly seasonal, like lilacs and peonies. Luxury Flower Delivery also implies a luxury floral experience that deeply blesses the recipient, and shows you go above and beyond.

  • Leslie, one of our Floral Members, who opted for an annual retainer for her gifts for family and friends from time-to-time, said: "

    • "When I do need flowers, I go to Karin because she provides much more of an artistic value. I know I’m going to get something high quality. If you just pull one off the internet, you never know what you’re going to get."

  • Ann, another Floral Member, says: "Creativity. Karin is always looking for a creative new way to deliver that bundle of sunshine."

  • Doug, another Floral Member, shared: "It shows a little bit of foresight, that you’re thinking about someone in advance of a big day. It shows a little more effort than running into a store last minute and buying something."

Luxury Flowers are also designed specifically for spaces:

Holly from Weeks & Mitchell Construction, A Floral Member who brings our flowers in weekly to their showroom and also send client gifts, shared:

"We have four full functioning kitchens, three bathrooms and a beautiful design area. For us, it was important to have flowers in here to make it feel even better than it already was. The luxury flowers add something unique to it. I’ve given our full-time designer the liberty to work directly with Karin to figure out what will look best in a space at a certain time of year. He’ll have her bring in luxury flower arrangements that incorporate particular design styles, colors or speak to holidays. He has her tailor what he’s looking for to showcase certain things in the design center."

Stay in touch and in the know - share your Email with us - use the link at the top of the page above the pink bar to get your gift! Simple fill out the form and follow the 4-step process to confirm your email, and your gift will be emailed to you.

We're excited to serve you with distinctive luxury flowers artistically designed, and with a high level of care, so you can be thrilled with both your experience and the response you receive!