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Monthly Floral Membership

A Membership Will Change Your Life...

What difference would it make to your bottom line to have a simple planned solution for consistently thanking your clients and referral sources?

  • What difference would it make to your client relationships if your gifts communicate clearly the quality of your brand and that you go above and beyond?

  • How would it feel to give a wow factor experience that will cause you to outshine your competition?

How would it feel to be free of anxiety about giving an inappropriate gift, or a gift that falls flat?

  • Give gifts easily and quickly, creating a deep emotional memory that lasts for month and even years!
  • Receive professional support so that you never forget a special occasion again, you have access to exotic flowers and designs, and always be the hero.

A Floral Membership is for you if...

  • You want to streamline your gift-giving, making it effortless

  • You want to show you go above and beyond and make a lasting impression

  • You don’t want to forget special occasions

  • You enjoy professionals who pay attention to your wants and needs

  • Having a professional florist who customizes to your tastes in your hip pocket feels right to you!

  • Thank you gifts are part of your business plan for building repeat clients and referrals

How would it feel to give a wow factor experience that will create an emotional memory that lasts for years?

How would it feel to have confidence that every gift that you give makes a deep connection of appreciation?

What difference would it make to have access to exotic flowers and distinctive floral design?


  • Preferred Pricing so that you save money on all purchases (Value from $50-$500+)
  • Reminders, so you never forget another occasion
  • Effortless, Hassle-Free Gifting: Enjoy the Ease and Confidence because we know you!
  • Incredible Floral Experiences so that your gifts make an impression that lasts, turning your clients into raving fans.
  • Insider Creative Ideas for Members Only, including accessing Karin’s creativity, Ideas for how to use flowers to increase your bottom line, networking connections, and including other Member-Only content in emails and on our blog
  • Single Point of Contact for all flowers nationwide, so your gift-giving is
    effortless and seamless.
  • Help Writing Eloquent Card Messages, so that you say the right thing
    every time.
  • Customizable Membership pricing and benefits, so that it works for you
  • Access to Exclusive, Member-Only Designs, such as branded floral arrangement, smaller client gifts,
    and customizing options (IE, not limited to the designs on the website)

Types of Monthly Floral Memberships:

Keeping Yourself Happy Membership:

  • Show yourself some love with a weekly or monthly flower delivery to your home
  • Enjoy specialty and exotic flowers that you can't get in the stores.
  • And enjoy savings and special services when you send a flower gift.
  • Perfect for the flower lover who values their own inspiration, peace of mind and knows the power of flowers in their lives.

Creating Repeat Clients and Referrals Membership:

  • Create repeat clients and referrals effortlessly with thank you gifts, driving revenue to your bottom line
  • Show you go above and beyond in your business
  • Customize to your business gifting goals
  • Smaller ‘pop by’ or thank you gifts available to members only
  • Perfect for account managers, sales managers and business owners who are nurturing long-term client and referral source relationships.

Keeping Prospects Coming to You Membership:

  • Stand out in the networking crowd with distinctive door prize gifts that create interest from the whole room
  • Magnetically draw people to you at tradeshow or sponsor booths
  • Show you go above and beyond in your business
  • Customize to your business gifting goals
  • Perfect for Business Development Professionals and Business Owners who network and build awareness through tradeshows and sponsorships.

Keeping Employees Happy Membership:

  • Bring more revenue to your bottom line as you drive employee engagement and appreciation
  • Enjoy the support of a Professional Florist and our creativity

Keeping Romance Alive Membership:

  • What would it feel like to have help deciphering what a woman means when she drops hints about gifts that are conflicting?
  • Customize for married couples, engaged and dating relationships
  • Perfect to customer for gifts 3-6 times a year OR weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly floral delivery

    Celebrating Friends and Family Membership:

    • Celebrate relationships with panache
    • Show you go above and beyond
    • Customize to your gifting goals
    • Save money on the gifts you are going to give anyway
    • Perfect for the Flower Lover who gives flower gifts from 3 to 12 times a year or more



    • Save Money: $48-$108 or more a year
      • with preferred pricing, receive an additional $48-$108 or more per year in complimentary upgrades.
      • Save an additional $30, $60 to $100 per year as you make additional purchases (most members add on at least 3-6 additional purchases per year - for example, a business owner who additionally purchases flowers personally)
    • Save Time, which equals Money!: Save 3--6 hours per year. What is your time worth?
      • example: a business professional who makes $50 per hour, and who signs up for the monthly subscription, plus adds on 3 additional purchases per year, saves 20 minutes per order (because we already know what they like), or 300 minutes a year, or 5 hours - which equals $250 of savings
    • Exclusive Designs and Customizing:
      • Instead of being limited to the designs on our website, you have options!
        • For example, Purchase 15 smaller client thank you gifts at $30 each - not an option for non-members.
        • Or ask us to create a Branded Arrangement for you
    • Peace of Mind: Priceless!
      • Trusted Professional at your service: You know the peace that comes when you trust a professional. We're you're professional florist, here with all our wisdom and resources for you.
      • No more anxiety about the right arrangement and right card message:
        • You receive complimentary support for writing effective, appropriate, and impactful card messages
      • Never forget another occasion or holiday:
        • reminder service: what does peace of mind mean to you that you won’t forget your very special occasions and holidays?
    • for Business Professionals: Increase your bottom line:
      • what difference would it make to get in the door with and book 1 or more new clients a quarter with our membership? How much would that add to your bottom line?
      • What would it mean to you to turn around a client who has a challenge into a raving fan?
      • What difference would it make to receive more referrals more often?


    • Leslie, one of our Floral Members, who opted for an annual retainer for her gifts for family and friends from time-to-time, said: "When I do need flowers, I go to Karin because she provides much more of an artistic value. I know I’m going to get something high quality. If you just pull one off the internet, you never know what you’re going to get." 
    • Ann, another Floral Member, says: "Creativity. Karin is always looking for a creative new way to deliver that bundle of sunshine." 
    • Doug, a long-time client, shared: "It shows a little bit of foresight, that you’re thinking about someone in advance of a big day. It shows a little more effort than running into a store last minute and buying something."

    Holly from Weeks & Mitchell Construction, A Floral Member who brings our flowers in weekly to their showroom and also send client gifts, shared:

    "We have four full functioning kitchens, three bathrooms and a beautiful design area. For us, it was important to have flowers in here to make it feel even better than it already was. The luxury flowers add something unique to it. I’ve given our full-time designer the liberty to work directly with Karin to figure out what will look best in a space at a certain time of year. He’ll have her bring in luxury flower arrangements that incorporate particular design styles, colors or speak to holidays. He has her tailor what he’s looking for to showcase certain things in the design center." [Weeks and Mitchell pays a quarterly retainer where they plan out their showroom deliveries and then have extra for when they want to send gifts to clients.]

    Patrick Hassett, Hassett Insurance:

    "Karin and God's Garden Treasures have been so great to work with! As a busy father and business owner I sometimes don't make time in the day to find flowers for my pretty wife or to show gratitude to co-workers and friends. Do you think, I wish I had time to get flowers? If you are having time crunch issues Karin and God's Garden Treasures is your answer! 

    "I have been super impressed with the personalized service and cost of providing beautiful flower arrangements to friends and family. 

    "Help support local business and give Karin at God's Garden Treasures a try, you will be happy.......They are 1000% better than using 1-800 flowers or some other service." [Patrick is a monthly subscription member who loves it at the beginning of each month when we ask him where he wants his flowers to be delivered!]


    • Setup Fee: $100 for simple subscriptions, up to $500-$1000 for customized Business memberships
    • Monthly Subscription: 
      •  $60 per month for one simple arrangement per month, valued at $40 with $15 delivery and tax included.
      • $120 per month for either 2 smaller arrangements per month, with tax and delivery included, or one much larger, more impactful arrangement, with tax and delivery included.
      • $180 per month for 3 smaller arrangements, or one larger and one smaller arrangement per month,  with tax and delivery included.
      • You can have the flowers go to the same person/location every time, or change it up from month to month.
    • Monthly Retainer: 
      • Perfect for when your flower orders are more random throughout the year or you give flowers 3-8 times a year
      • Your monthly subscription becomes a flower retainer to use whenever you like

    Next Steps:


    Coming Soon:

    • Examples of arrangements at different levels
    • Benefit chart by tier
    • Bonuses for referrals