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Monthly Floral Membership



A Floral Membership is a Powerful Investment in All of Your Relationships

With a God's Garden Treasures Floral Membership, you'll be able to regularly reach out and remind clients, co-workers, loved ones, and friends just how much you appreciate them in an impactful way that is rarely, if ever, forgotten.



Make a Simply Beautiful and Stunning Impact in Love, in Life, in Business

Featuring Artistically Designed Floral Arrangements Hand-Delivered in the Phoenix Metro Area [And Options for a Few Hand-Delivered Gifts per Year Outside Phoenix, too!]

Whether You Want flowers All The Time or Every So Often, You're in Control.


 FROM $40-$1500 PER MONTH


$40-$60 per Month: 6 Deliveries a Year of a Small or Medium Design - pre-scheduled for birthday, anniversary, holidays, or Every Other Month


 $100-$500 per Month:  Schedule Regular Deliveries or As Needed

Examples of Budgets for Scheduled Deliveries

  • Monthly Delivery of One Medium Design - Bless your Mom, Treat  Yourself or Your Team - $100 per Month: 
  • Bi-Weekly Delivery of One Medium or Large Design - $200 - $300 per Month
  • Weekly Delivery of One Small or Medium Designs - $300-$500 per Month

Examples of Budgets for As Needed Designs:

  • One Medium Design -  $100 per Month
  • Two to Three Medium Designs per Month: $200-$300
  • Three to Four Large Designs Per Month: $400-$500 per Month

Enjoy preferred pricing on spur of the moment gifts for employee appreciation, sympathy, get well, or just because.


Have it all - Customize your Membership to your Needs

$600-$800 Per Month:  Fill your Home or Office Weekly with Multiple Small and/or Medium Arrangements 

$1000-$1500 Per Month: Fill your Home or Office Weekly with Multiple Medium and Large Arrangements 

PLUS Enjoy preferred pricing on spur of the moment gifts for employee appreciation, sympathy, get well, or just because.


gods garden treasures


Simplify your life. Let us do the work for you.

Pre-schedule top client's birthdays for ease and impact.

Build a habit of appreciation, and watch your happiness, and your relationships, grow. 




" The flower thank you gifts suggested by Karin for my key connections on a large design project brought a heightened feel of collaboration and good-will, even excitement about working together on the long-term project. Who knew that flowers would bring such a turning point in deepening working relationships?! I’m thrilled about the impact of God’s Garden Treasures’ Floral Concierge Membership on our business relationships, and looking forward to more very soon.

- Kyle -

Interior Solutions, Client Gifts as-needed

Read more of Kyle's story here



"We are so grateful for the creative burst of life and color in our modern space! The floral art brings life, excitement to our members and team, and brings a sense of normalcy in these challenging times."

- Brittany -

Industrious Scottsdale Fashion Square, Weekly Flowers 


Wow-factor Lush Garden Flower Arrangement

"I can't say enough good things about everyone here. While picky, I'm a guy and let's be honest, not the best at picking arrangements. For about 3 years now, all I've done is call and give a price point and let them "rock my world with flowers". My then girlfriend/now wife is always very happy with not only the quality of what she gets, but the uniqueness. I've never seen another lady have anything close to what my wife gets and my office is mostly female. This is my go-to florist and will continue to be for good reasons."

- Romance Member -


“I sent a text to order flowers - they had my information and my Mom’s on file - they asked for the card message and the next thing I know, my Mom is texting me a picture of the amazing flowers she received!”

- Stacy -



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