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Our Flowers

How do you treat the flowers?

We love flowers! And we treat them with extra care, 24/7. Their colors, textures and fragrance are enthralling, and so we baby them, and take extra special care with them. We make sure that we purchase where there’s a consistent ‘cold-chain’ in the process of getting them to us - that they’re kept cool and in clean water. And we make sure to feed them and protect them from the bad guys - bacteria and direct sunlight. All so they last longer for those who enjoy them.

What do you do with the flowers?

We love all the combinations, variations and color palettes possible with flowers! Every day we delight in finding new ways to show off the specialty flowers ( and yes, even show off the basics). By trying new color combination, sourcing unusual varieties and textures, and trying out new varieties, we always have something on hand that will provide a delightfully different option from other florists.

Why are your flowers so special to your team?

Flowers make you smile, and they can bring you to a happy or quiet place that brings deep peace. We’re often surprised and delighted to find varieties, styles and colors of flowers that we haven’t encountered - what fun! And when we can incorporate our love of art through artistic design principles, and the exhilaration of following our intuition in creating our semi-custom or completely custom designs, we’re over the moon.

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