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Karin Gods Garden Treasures

"You know it from the moment they answer the phone - ‘How can I rock your world with flowers today?!’  You can tell they let flowers touch their soul - so passionate, enjoying the design process, loving the people, caring about how it all goes. This is one amazing, dedicated and inspired team! Give them a chance and they’ll delight you every time!"


Gods Garden Treasures


We see ourselves as a Floral Concierge. What's that you ask?
We're Floral Artists who offer concierge-level services!

Floral Artists: We're passionate about flowers, and love distinctive design and stand-out blossoms from the unusual to the stunningly long-lasting. We carefully curate a seasonal selection of our and our customer's favorite flowers, and design them into memorable delight-filled experiences. We're attentive to fragrances (and when they're not as welcome), color palettes, and artistic design principles. And we're bulldogs when it comes to finding lilacs at Mother's Day, for example, or peonies for a special anniversary.

Concierge-level services: We're always open to special requests and eager to learn about your goals, expectations and what is most important to you.

Want to change up the color in the bouquet you ordered or swap out one flower to add their favorite flower? Interested in special-ordering a specific flower for a future delivery date? Let us know!

We've even picked up hot soup to deliver with flowers to someone who's sick; and opened and read the card message to a woman who is elderly at the request of her family out of state; and faithfully deliver flowers every other week to one client's Mom.

We love flowers, we love people, and we see flowers as one way that people connect, share love and joy, show support, and bring delight into each other's lives. We're excited to join you and serve you in this part of your journey through life!

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