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The Pampered Bride

We pamper brides with Full-Service Wedding Packages, where the process looks like this: we meet, learn your vision, agree on a budget, and then we do everything from creation of the designs to delivery to picking up rental items! This is a perfect option for busy professionals, who have a creative vision and want to bring in trusted professionals to carry it out, enjoying the week leading up the wedding and the day of the wedding, enjoying the flowers, with none of the stress!

We love to collaborate with all our brides. We take your vision and combine it with our professional flower knowledge and design ideas and skills to create your dream wedding flowers. We have served hundreds of brides over the years, and find that the ones who love us and that we love to work with have a creative vision and want to collaborate with a professional florist, giving them more options for distinctive blooms and creative design styles.

And we also offer a Flower Party Wedding Package for the creative bride who wants to be hands-on with some of the creative design, without any of the stresses! Some brides bring treats and drinks and make it a party - totally cool with us, just be sure to have a designated driver if you're bringing your own wine or champagne.

Why add to the stress of wedding planning? Figuring how much and what flowers to purchase, finding space and tools for the design work, getting all the supplies together can be stressful and add to your cost. And why keep your apartment at 60 degrees to try to keep the flowers looking great until the wedding - or, worse yet, work on the flowers the day of the wedding?!  We take care of all that - no processing flowers; no running all over town when the right ones don't come in; no finding buckets, flower food, tools, wire, tape, ribbon. After your flower party, we keep the flowers in our cooler and deliver them the day of the wedding. You're also welcome to rent our vases or use vases you have purchased. 

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We can't wait to meet you and discover together how God's Garden Treasures can be a part of your very special day.