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Valentine's Day 2018 Holiday Hours and Flower Delivery Options

Valentine's Day 2018 Holiday Hours:

Thursday, February 8th: 8:00am- 5:30pm
Friday, February 9th:  8:00am- 5:30pm

Saturday, February 10th: 9:00am-5:00pm
Sunday, February 11th: 10:00am-4:00pm

Monday, February 12th: 7:00am-7:30pm
Tuesday, February 13th: 7:00am-7:30pm
Wednesday, February 14th: 7am - 8:30 pm

Delivery Options - explanation of add-on delivery options and fees:

Our standard delivery fee is $15 for most of the Phoenix area. There are a few outlying areas that are $20-$30, and a few that are close that are $10.

In addition to this, we have some time/day delivery options for those of you that are nervous about the flowers getting there before she leaves work Wednesday.

The additional fees for Valentine's Day are due to the volume of deliveries, so that we can hire more Floral Ambassadors to deliver your flowers, and a delivery manager to organize it all. Here are the details:

Delivery Monday, Feb 12th - no additional fee for deliveries any time that day - and if it's to a business address, they will arrive before 4 pm

Delivery Tuesday, 13th - pre-order by Monday, the 12th

  • by 3 pm for a business + $10 
  • Any time - no additional fee

Delivery Wednesday, 14th - Valentine's Day:

  • Guaranteed by Noon delivery - +$40 (must pre-order by the 13th, 2pm - limited spots available)
  • Guaranteed by 3 pm + $20 (required for business delivery address without alternate delivery address for later in the day)
  • Delivery any time - 8 am-8 pm - $10 - delivery to a business address WITH alternate delivery address OR delivery to an office that is open until 8 pm or to a home 

How to access these options:

When you checkout, there will be a popup with options to add these delivery options as well as our gourmet truffles, or balloons. 

 *Availability and Timing subject to change and Prices subject to go up depending on demand - order early for the best delivery pricing! For example, if you wait until the afternoon of the 13th, the delivery fee to a business changes to by 4 pm delivery for the same $20.

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