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Weekly Flowers for Business Reception Desks, Restaurants and Hotels


Who doesn’t want their Clients smiling as soon as they walk in the door, happy to be there, delighted with you, and feeling great, no matter how they are feeling when they walk in? What would this mean to your business and your bottom line? Research from Rutgers University clearly shows that team members are happier with flowers and plants in your office! Which makes them more productive and feel more connected to the organization.

artichokes featured in weekly flower arrangement

  • Boost everyone’s mood
  • Inspire creativity
  • Raise customer satisfaction
  • Support your bottom line – high ROI
  • Maximized budget through rental vases, long-lasting flowers, and Floral Art design style.

    God's Garden Treasures brings value-added services to all our weekly clients, utilizing rental vases, high-end, long-lasting flowers, and a style to coordinate with your logo colors, decor and/or style aesthetic. All the budget goes into the flowers. We pick up the previous arrangement(s) when we bring the new ones.

    Lush Garden Floral Arrangement

    If you've invested in your decor with an Interior Designer or Feng-Shui Artist, you'll love our artistic design that will compliment the feel and style of your decor and achieve the goals you have for your flowers.

    Weekly Flowers on a desk

    Contact us at (480) 603.7673 and let's talk flowers!

    We also offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly flower deliveries to the home, or for your personal desk. 

    For more information our Floral Memberships, visit our Membership Page

    Pricing - from $250-$2000 per month for weekly deliveries, based on size and number of floral designs.

    For a customized pricing plan to your location and to schedule us to come see your space, please call 480-603-7673 and ask for Karin. Or schedule a call here.


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    Here's a recent feature on Channel 10 that also fetures our scheduled delivery service.

    Channel 10 features God's Garden Treasures