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'Back to Your Roots' Fall Centerpiece

The Story:

We're all longing to feel grounded and connected. Our 'Back to your Roots' collection brings in an earthy feel with root vegetables, and connects you with the beautiful blooms of the season. THE IMAGES HERE ARE INSPIRATIONAL AND EACH DESIGN WILL BE UNIQUE. Please let us know the shape of the table and color palette (Bright - yellows, oranges, reds, or Neutrals - soft peaches, creams and lighter tones, can include dark chocolates. We will have Peonies at Thanksgiving - available in the Luxurious designs. Call for similar, more stunning designs at $180 and up.

The Impact:

  • Flattering: Low container, suitable for a table of 2-6 people, and can be either rounded or oblong
    • Pampering: Either mid-height in glass container, footed terra cotta, or in low bamboo container, suitable for a larger table typically seating 8-12 or 14 people
    • Luxurious: Upgraded with premium fall flowers, and for a larger, grander space or table.