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Fresh Fields of Joy

The Story:

Heartwarming tones, with earthy organic accents, radiant ranunculus are entwined with swirling vines. The tight design evokes a modern, upscale take on the California 'fresh from the fields' trend. Sure to amaze and delight!

The Impact:

  • Flattering (shown) - Ranunculus paired with Free Spirit roses and swirling vines - about 8" x 8"
  • Pampering (not yet shown) - in a wider vase, more, bigger, better -10"×10"
  • Luxurious (not yet shown) - in our pyramid vase for distinctive styling, overflowing and impressive - 12" tall x 14-16"

Alternative Colors: (optional -tell us in order notes or call us)

  • For Immediate Purchase: 
    • Freedom of Expression: Let our talented Design team create this style in today's curated blossoms - you're likely to have included a hyper-seasonal flower variety with a perfect wildflower feel! 
    • Reach out and select your favorite colors from our curated collection.
  • Let your inner designer be free - select your own color palette - please pre-order 48 hours ahead to guarantee availability:
    • Soothing: White-on-White
    • Wild Naturalist: Basil and Ivory (Including 'Green-eye' Ranunculus at Pampering or Luxurious Impact)
    • Feminine Glam: Shades of Pinks
    • Retro Vibe: Hot Pink and Orange
    • Fresh Citrus: Yellows and Oranges
    • Pastel Painter's Palette: A mix of fresh pinks, peaches, yellows, creams and whites.


  • Ranunculus are in their own in the spring. March and April, they are especially robust, and a plethora of colors and varieties abound from our Southern California growers!
  • From June through December, when ranunculus are not as readily available or at a premium budget (when they hail from Holland or Japan), orange spray roses, Free Spirit Roses or other orange flowers can be substituted. 
    • Or select Pampering or Luxurious to ensure you receive ranunculus at the premium price.