General Floral Membership

With a God's Garden Treasures Floral Membership, you'll be able to regularly reach out and remind clients, co-workers, loved ones, and friends just how much you appreciate them in an impactful way that is rarely, if ever, forgotten.

Experience the luxury of personalized support and customized design for your business, romantic and/or personal floral gifts. Customize this membership for your purposes and goals.

A God's Garden Treasures Floral Membership is perfect when you love it when people get to know you and can take of you based on previously stated preference.

Save time, simplify your gift giving - even pre-schedule special dates and get the work of remembering off your plate and onto ours.

You also have access to your own Floral Concierge, and can special order exotic flowers, or gifts that aren't shown on our website, including additional price points.

We'll reach out to gather more information from you once you sign up!

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