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Monthly Floral Membership

The Story:

Welcome to our revolutionary monthly floral membership, enrich your life, and also receive preferred pricing on all orders! 

We make sending flowers easy through our attention to detail and ability to connect the right flowers to the right person. Our “why’ is to make an impact in the world by creating floral experiences, so our you can enrich friendships, romantic partnerships, and business relationships.

In supporting your romantic partnerships, we bring our magic to your love life, to help you create deeper intimacy, bring to life a love that's been beaten down by the cares of life, or get you out of deep water you might find yourself in.

In enriching friendships and family relationships, we become your trusted resource for showing you go above and beyond in all you do so that you can express your deep gratitude and appreciation, and send the appropriate message of support.

As we support your business, our goal is to bring growth to your bottom line by making sure there is a floral memory that lasts long after the flowers are gone, and gives your client or referral source something to talk about, and to remember you for months and even years.

Start your monthly floral membership here by purchasing the tier segment that works best for you and your goals. See below for benefits and more details.

The Impact:

With your membership, you receive amazing benefits:

  • preferred pricing - 10% off all orders, every time
  • exclusive designs
  • specialty services such as helping you craft the perfect card message, and for our corporate tiers, keeping your business cards, branded items and hand-written cards on hand for you
  • easy ordering through your preferred method of communication - text, email, phone, in person 

How it Works:

Get excited to experience amazing world-class flowers every month!

Your purchase today will trigger our follow-up sequence, where we will set up our process to support you.

  • Each month, your cc will run at the month-iversary of this order.
  • You will receive a welcome email with the current details.
  • You will be added to our regular email list for tips and inspiration, and seasonal specialties.
  • Monthly you will receive an email from us on the 1st or 15th, whichever is closer to your 'month-iversary' asking for your selection(s) for the month - you will reply with your selection, any additional add-ons, and delivery address, card message, etc.
  • We will make the delivery.
  • You will receive a warm, excited reply from your recipient!

And you get to choose from the following every month:

  • have an amazing seasonally-conscious piece of floral art hand-delivered to the person(s) of your choice, with your selected message on a printed card (hand-written cards, small or full-sized available at an additional fee)
  • OR ask for a plant to be delivered
  • OR enjoy a beautiful floral arrangement yourself
  • OR let us know you want to stop by and pick up a couple smaller arrangements to deliver yourself (or we can deliver them for an additional fee)
  • OR defer your delivery to a future month (no use it or lose it here!) 

Options for this Tier:

  • Option 1: One medium arrangement a month
  • Option 2: Two medium arrangements a month, OR One large arrangement a month
  • Option 3: Three medium arrangements a month OR One large and one medium arrangement a month

And please know that we are happy to 

Alternate Options:

  • Pickup two smaller designs for every one medium bouquet purchased (additional delivery fee may apply)
  • Defer to a future month (becomes flower credit to use later) 
    •  This is a great option for those who give flowers 3-6 times a year either to clients or for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthday, anniversary, etc. - it allows you to even out your spending and send larger, more impressive arrangements all the time.
    • Also a great option for small businesses who want to even out their spending and may want to skip a month here or there to make more available for a month where you want to do more - for example in planning an open house or event, or when you see clients' special events all in the same month.
  • Select one or more Gift Cards for the value of your monthly floral membership which can be given away at networking events. 

Your monthly subscription membership includes the floral design, tax and delivery to 90% of Phoenix (and even anywhere in the US or Canada) is included.

Setup Fee: $100 for these tiers. Call us for more robust packages for corporate clients and different options for services - additional setup fee discussed at that time.

Additional Options/Charges:

  • Add premium gourmet locally-hand-crafted Truffles - 4-piece for $15, 9 piece for $25, and 18 piece for $45
  • Add a hand-written small enclosure card for $2, or a full-sized greeting card for $4.50
  • Add on delivery for smaller arrangements (ie, at the $60 level, you could receive two $28 arrangements plus tax for your selection that month, and then pay additional for us to deliver them for you - 90% of Phoenix is $15 per delivery)
  • Delivery to most locations outside the 101 and 202 would be an additional $5-$10
  • Delivery to Queen Creek, Maricopa, Surprise, Sun City West, Cave Creek, and the farther reaches of the SW Valley (and nearby areas not named) would be an additional $15 per address

Our Local Delivery Cities/areas included at no extra cost:

  • Phoenix and Scottsdale inside the 101
  • Tempe, Ahwatukee, Paradise Valley, Arcadia, Biltmore areas
  • Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa inside the 202 North and South