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Nature's Reflection - Planter Garden

The Story:

Embracing the wildness of nature, imagine strolling in among the lush green textures, breathing in the fresh air. Imparting an ongoing reminder of your thoughtfulness, refined ceramic embraces a wondrous selection of life-giving plants. 

The Impact:

  • Flattering - a beautiful, clean white 10" ceramic dish holds a plethora of small plants, with a locally-sourced Manzanita branch accent
  • Pampering (not shown) - add more plants OR upgrade to more premium or blooming plants (let us know in the notes)
  • Luxurious (not shown) - upgrade with a double orchid plant

Alternative Colors: (optional -tell us in order notes or call us)

  • For Immediate Purchase: 
    • Freedom of Expression: Let our talented Design team create this style in today's collection of green and variegated plants
  • Let your inner designer be free - select a specific color palette (who knew 'green' plants could be so colorful?!), or specific plants for your special someone - please pre-order  to 2 weeks ahead to guarantee availability - or with a 48 hour notice, we can accommodate with an additional fee for the special trip to hand-select your plants:
    • Soothing: Sage and White
    • Forest: All rich, deep forest green shades
    • The Tropics: Tropical foliages reminiscent of the Islands
    • Prehistoric: ZZ Plants and Mosses
    • Sunset: Yellows and Orange-Veined Crotons paired with other yellow, red or orange-hued plants
    • Zen: Japanese Garden Style - a few focal plants with a raked sand base
  • Additional Container Options:
    • Recycled Fiber (created from the sawdust from the furniture-making industry) in chocolate, basil or cream
    • Slate Square in tan or dark chocolate


  • Our houseplants are lovingly grown in Southern California farms, providing luxuriously healthy plants year-round.
  • Surprisingly, some specific plants are seasonal, as we are discovering. We carefully curate our plants for a pleasing variety of textures, heights and orientation.