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Sympathy Flowers - Designer's Choice

The Story:

You've heard about a loss and want to send care and love, and you'd really like us to use our professional judgement to deliver the best flowers of the moment that will make an impact, either in the home or at the service.
Let our designer's expertise surprise and delight you! Trust us to knock it out of the park for you.
Please let us know in the notes what is special about the person who passed or the ones you are sharing your care with - special interests, styles, colors, or even hobbies. We will call to follow up, share some options if you want to interact further. 
You can trust your lasting impressions to us!

The Impact:

For the service, please consider Pampering or Luxurious if you are looking for a more prominent display.
Flattering - $70 - for the home only
Flattering + $100 - for the home or a design with simpler impact for the service
Pampering - $150 - for the home or service
Luxurious - $200 for the home or service
Luxurious - $250 for the home or service