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Woodland Garden

Oh, the nostalgia of lilacs and peonies, and the wonder of amazing delights from the Northern California and Oregon forests, lovingly delivered and designed in delightful arrangements for you in the spring, and following woodland flowers around the country and the world as the seasons progress.

Mother's Day update:

We have lovely woodland, lush Garden designs in these color palettes: 

  • pinks and/or whites with actual lilacs
  • Sunset yellows, oranges and reds
  • Soft whites and pinks
  • Vibrant chartreuse, pinks, yellows and oranges

At the pampering or luxurious budgets we can include white peonies with any color palette.

We are sold out of rhodendron and iris for the weekend and most of our other blue, purple and fuschia flowers. For a purple and blue design, we have lilacs, purple roses and blue hyacinth, which can be combined with helleborus in a more compact arrangement. 


In addition to bringing in the most amazing flowers from the woodlands, we are allowing our design team to dive deep into our inner creativity for one-of-a-kind designs sure to create a memory that will last for months and even years. 

The pictures here are all at the Pampering Price point (scroll down for descriptions of the simpler Flattering and more Luxurious options). The pictures show that we can create this style design in different ways - tall or compact, more shispy-gardeny or more controlled - and also some closeups of the various varieties.

At busy holiday seasons, all the flowers are available. All other weeks, we will feature a few varieties that are best for this season.

Members-only: If there is a specific request for a type of flower or style of design, please tell us in the notes - we'll follow up by phone with you (or email if you're not available) to ensure we have it right.

The Impact:

  • Flattering: A simpler design featuring a mixture of 3-5 of the following: double, fringed or classic tulips, roses, spray roses, hyacinth, rhododendron and other woodland accents
  • Pampering: Lush and wonderful design, featuring the flowers in the Flattering option PLUS two of the featured premium flowers (Peonies, Lilacs, Bleeding Heart, Clematis, possibly Bearded Iris)
    • Luxurious: An incredible mixture featuring either most of the above designed in modern, woodland groupings, OR let us know your favorites and we'll double up on your for a simply stunning design!
    • A Little Flower Hug: Simpler designs of woodland flowers - some may be all one variety of woodland flower.


      Blues, purples, lavenders, pinks - you can ask for a brighter collection or more pastels in the notes.